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Ah, what a time to be alive!

Post Hong Kong reflections

It was for the first time that I have lived away from home for such a long time and in the place, which is different from my culture to such a critical extent. I had many expectations, resolutions and plans. The journey in fact was full of discoveries, much more than I could ever expect. Here are my major take-aways.

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How was Hong Kong?

Overall, Hong Kong was an incredible experience for me in all senses. The city, people of completely different culture, mountains and sea, industrial and forest jungles. Four months flew away extremely fast – slower in downs and quicker in ups.

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Hong Kong: education system

No-no, I didn’t stop writing. I have been waiting for that perfect moment when I am finally done with university assignments. And you know, it never comes. After some time you realise that this perfect moment to start something is now. So I start right now in the middle of the chaos happening around.

Here in Hong Kong I have been thinking and talking to locals a lot about their education system. And the more I wondered about it the more it surprised me.

First, how it all started…

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Hong Kong: One country, two systems?

They say Hong Kong is experiencing rather tough times now. So I tried to understand why.

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Hong Kong: First emotions and reflections

I heard from people and read in the articles that Hong Kong is an amazing place, but I couldn’t imagine that it’s that much…

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Hong Kong: my what, how and why

I came to Hong Kong, because I just wanted to make sure that I live every second of my life, doing something I have never done before, doing something that brings meaning to me and my surrounding…

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