My name is Julia. Originally I come from Minsk, Belarus, where I spent my 18 years. Later for many reasons or rather chances I moved to Lithuania, then Italy, Poland and recently Latvia, where I am now studying for my 2nd bachelor degree at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and mastering Latvian as my 5th language.

I have always enjoyed writing before. Yet, I was never taking it serious. Around a month ago or so I decided that it was then or never, when I should start, committing to a blog as part of my fundraising campaign for exchange semester in Hong Kong.

I like the process of writing itself – thinking of a better word to explain myself, seeing how nicely formatted letters run one by one, making a line, a sentence and then a paragraph. Just like this one. Even more I love talking to people. Complete strangers. While traveling alone I found that people I was meeting occasionaly during long train rides/waiting in airport queues/bus shuttles were more open about their lives than some of those I could know for years. Because what were the chances that we see each other again? Rather small, right?

When it comes to me, I feel that people around fill my life with meaning. Further, I have noticed that people who contributed the most to where I am now and had greatest impact on the way I see things in life, are all absolutely in love with what they are doing, no matter what it is. So it appears to me that the pleasure the person gets from doing what he/she loves translates into a greater influence on the surrounding. Finally, this is also why I am writing this – doing what I love – talking to wonderful people I meet on my way and retelling their stories.